Writing a Proposal for Your Dissertation

Simple Guides for Writing a Proposal for Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation proposal is the first step in your career as a Ph.D. Student. As such, it is crucial to master the appropriate skills for handling one. Below, we have guidelines to take you through. Read on to learn more!

Steps in Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Before you work on any academic document, you must be sure that you understand the demands of it. Be quick to seek guidelines form your tutors on what you should do. If you are stuck, you should ask for guidelines whenever you get stuck. Remember, it is better to ask for help every time you get stuck. It would be painful for you not to accomplish your goals. Besides, who wants to fail in your academic goal?

Every academic project that students handle has a specific time frame for submission. You’ll know when to submit your proposal if you submitted your thesis proposal before you start your dissertation. Now, what is the difference between the two?

A dissertation proposal is a plan of how you’ll handle your dissertation. As such, it provides a plan B if the main aim for doing the dissertation is not working. A proposal will outline every step that you’ll undertake in research.

The main reason for having a proposal is to prove your skills. It proves to the committee that you know what you are doing. You must present a well-polished proposal to prove that you can handle your dissertation as recommended. As such, you’ll need to use the correct structure in your writing a proposal for your dissertation. Below is one such structure that you can use:

Cover Page

The cover page shows who owns the research proposal. Here, the writer should state the title of his work. Besides, you’ll need to indicate your name, institution name, and submission date. Remember, you don’t want anyone else to claim that your work is theirs. Be quick to countercheck who owns the rights to your work and make them legal through proper channels.


Here, you’ll provide an overview of your dissertation. What do you want to address in your work? Be keen to define your objectives. Are you trying to address a problem that needs to be tackled? Or is it that you want to find a solution to a current issue?

An introduction should hook the readers. Ensure that you use a topic that attracts people’s attention. Doing so will make them understand the aim of your dissertation. Besides, it also gives you an opportunity to give info on your research. Be quick to note down words that will help you in the introduction.

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