Effective Writing of a Dissertation Proposal

Planning Your Dissertation Proposal in Hours

Before writing a dissertation proposal, a student needs to consider the time it will take to write and the expertise required. It is often recommended that students begin proposal writing as soon as they receive their proposal from the supervisor. If you wait until the last minute, you may not amass the relevant material to write a good proposal. Besides, handling the proposal alone can be challenging since it requires time and skill.

What to Include in Your Dissertation Proposal

A well-written dissertation proposal includes the following sections:

  • Title page that includes the student’s name, the supervisor’s name, the proposal’s title, and the department’s name.
  • Abstract that provides a summary of the content of the proposal and explains the problem statements, objectives, and designs to be used.
  • Table of content that details what each chapter entails and what each item means.
  • Introduction that states the purpose of the study and the challenges faced, briefly describing the problem statement.
  • Literature review that states what other authors have to say about the topic and why it should be a priority for further research.
  • Research design that shows the methodologies used will results in the collection of valid data that justifies the study’s relevance and significance.
  • The implications and contributions of the study will also be discussed.
  • Time schedule that indicates the expected completion time for all the dissertation chapters and the research phases.

Getting Things Right

Before beginning your dissertation proposal writing, make sure to get the title right. Check to see if the supervisor has given clear instructions on the type of proposal needed, and make sure they are satisfied with your title choice. If you are not sure about the length, consult with the supervisor as this may limit your research.

Have an Abstract

A high-quality proposal begins with a perfect abstract that clearly describes the problem statement, the research designs, and the hypotheses. An abstract is often the most difficult part of the proposal to write. It should be precise and easy to grasp. Ensure that your abstract is written using a language that a supervisor will easily understand.

Create a Hypothesis and Propose

The next step will be to create a hypothesis and propose the research questions and research methods. Once you have completed these steps, create an abstract that reflects what the content will cover. Finally, write a proposal that describes how you plan to conduct the research, why the research is essential, and how you aim to address the research hypothesis. Your proposal should have a topic, research methods, a rationale, and results, among other details.

Once you finish writing the content in the proposal and have added all the details, you must read and understand all the guidelines given by the supervisor. Only after doing this will you be confident that your proposal has a good chance of approval.

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