Where Did The Term Paper Come From?

Paper and Its Meaning

Paper originated from an abbreviation for Pad Paddle, which was a type of governing board used in ancient Rome. Various problems that needed to be evaluated were called by this name because they were executed using the board. Therefore, the title Paper is derived from the execution method used for settling disputes using boards.

History of Paper

This article was first popularized in the year 533 by the Roman Emperor Trajan. It was used to manage the resources of the empire by compiling and giving weight to various information. It was mainly used by the judges during the Emperor’s court. A case was formed at the Food Security case before the United Nations Human Rights committee in June of 2005. Various issues concerning the protection of the environment, women, youth, and the elderly were brought forth before the committee using the paper. The case received worldwide attention because of its innovative use of technology before being submitted to the committee.

The current term paper can be traced back to the Mayan language, which was spoken from Central America to the Yucatan peninsula. They used writing materials made from papyrus, which was one of the items used in creation of the document.

Uses of Paper in Business

Paper is still used in various ways today. Different industries use it in packaging their products. These industries include but not limited to:

  • Electronic packaging: This industry uses special paper that comes with a memory stick to store a customer’s preferences. The companies use this method because it is less expensive compared to previously used methods.
  • Marketing: Some companies use this method to market their products to the customers. It is done by creating handbills that include the advertisement in the form of pictures and text.
  • Document management: Companies use this method to create and store official documents that have an authority. They can be used for storing and presenting important documents, such as taxes.
  • Financial management: Companies that offer bank accounts can be shown using paperless transactions that use a number generated by a mobile phone.
  • Recording: These companies use the paper to create a VCR that plays recorded films. The tapes are dissertations peer reviewed that are made publicly available.

Paper will always remain a significant part of the future. It is believed that humans will continue using paper for future generations. The current generation is more digital in their habits, meaning that they rarely interact with physical documents. This will change as time progresses, but currently, there is no specific plan to eradicate the paper itself.

In summary, the use of paper in various business structures will continue to exist. However, the introduction of 3D printing will change the industry profoundly. The changes will occur slowly, but it will affect all industries that rely on paper.

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