How to write a dissertation?

The text format most requested by the Enem and vestibular is argumentative essay writing. By proposing a theme, the statement asks students to demonstrate their capacity for logical argumentation in defense of a thesis.

For the production of a cohesive text, coherent and according to the proposed subject, the candidate must present a good knowledge of the standard language standard, added to an adaptation to the proposed text format.

In the items below we explain the main requests that govern this text format, as well as some fundamental tips to produce it with propriety and security. Come on?


The introduction consists of two main parts: the presentation of the theme and the exposition of the thesis. First, imagine that your reader has no prior information about what the text will handle. Therefore, you need to contextualize it already in the first paragraph. To do this, you can use some features such as:

Initial Statement

The text begins with an affirmative sentence, which already brings some definitions about the subject and introduces the reader to the subject in a direct and objective way.

Historical allusion

To present the theme, the candidate uses a historical context that can establish direct links with the facts occurred in the present. It is important that this historical resumption at the beginning of the text is not just to try to show knowledge. Its implications must be closely related to the clipping of the theme, serving as a basis to complement the thought of the thesis.


The central theme of the text can be presented with quotes from books or any publication by personalities or scholars of the subject.


You can present the topic through an inquiry that contextualizes the reader about the subject and proposes the discussions of his thesis.

Along with the presentation of the theme, the candidate must propose in the introduction his thesis, central key of the text. It is at the heart of argumentative essay writing and all later writings should corroborate it. The thesis represents his critical view on the subject of the proposal.

There are textual structures that help build a strong thesis based on arguments such as:

Division of theme

In case of proposals that are very broad, it is possible that you choose a specific clipping to construct the questions of your thesis. One only has to be careful not to run away from the main subject or just tangle it.


You can build an economic, social, or political parallel between two realities. From there, with a solid argument, present the point of view that summarizes your thesis.

Dispute of ideas

During the presentation of the topic, you can bring some affirmations that will be contrasted by your thesis proposal.

The introduction is the moment when you present the themes that will be portrayed throughout the text. You can quote and list the arguments to be advocated in development. The textual resources used will depend very much on the proposed subject and his style of writing. Therefore, it is important to train enough to practice the most diverse styles to write a dissertation.

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