Crucial Aspects a Student Should Consider to Present a Catchy Essay

For example, some readers expect content-based essays, while others look for traditional formats and correct grammar. Determine your audience and create a list of characteristics they’ll expect to see in your essay.


Brainstorming can help you organize your thoughts and understand what might be missing. It also has interesting neurological effects, such as clearing your headspace and increasing your attention span. Brainstorming is the most effective when you’re brainstorming with more than one person.

Brainstorming can be done in many ways, from asking coworkers to coming up with ideas. Brainstorming can also be a great way to get ideas that would never occur to you alone. Brainstorming prompts can be anything from abstract phrases to photos related to the topic. If you’re attending a customer conference or customer marketing event, for example, brainstorming images might include pictures of customers, attendees, and other people mingling at the event. Brainstorming with photos can also help you brainstorm with related phrases and memories.


A student can significantly benefit from mind-mapping an essay before writing it. It can help students visualize the entire essay before online essay writing service and can help them to see if they’ve missed any important topics. Students can also use mind maps to organize long paragraphs for their essays. Finally, mind maps can also help readers quickly understand the submitted essay.

The first step in mind-mapping an essay is to identify the topic. You can use a software program such as EdrawMind to help you create a mind map. Name your mind map “Essay Topic,” and include subtopics related to your topic. For example, you can use the person’s name as a subtopic if you are writing about a person.

Creating a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the core of an essay. It should clearly outline the topic, its significance, and its implication. It must also be exciting and compelling enough to get the reader to keep reading. Finally, it should be supported by facts and logic. The best thesis statements captivate the readers and leave them thinking about the idea long after finishing the paper.

Before writing the paper, brainstorm ideas for the topic. Brainstorming may be done in various ways, such as creating a mind map or freewriting for 10 minutes. Once you’ve gathered enough material, determine which point of view you will take. Then connect your POV to the main topic of your paper.

Using evidence to support a thesis

Evidence is an integral part of a well-written essay. It helps the writer convince the audience of the validity of their argument. When using evidence, the student should state its significance and purpose. The evidence should also be specific. For example, a literature paper may include quotes from literary critics. On the other hand, a science paper may include data from experiments.

Evidence comes in two main forms, primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are documents such as letters and government meeting minutes, while secondary sources are books, articles, lectures, and films. When using evidence, the student should select examples that directly relate to their thesis. The evidence should also be credible. While collecting evidence, the student must sort through the sources to eliminate biases and generalizations. It is best to use concrete examples to make the argument more convincing.

Using a comparison and contrast structure

Comparing and contrasting two things is a great way to present a catchy essay. In this format, the author describes the first object in detail in the first paragraph and then compares and contrasts the second object. For example, if you compare cats and dogs, you can discuss their habits, needs, and characteristics differences. You can also point out the differences in how they walk and behave.

When choosing two topics for a comparison and contrast essay, you have to make sure they are different. They shouldn’t be the same, as that defeats the purpose of writing a comparison and contrast essay.

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