Checklist for Excellent Dissertation Proposal Proofreading

Why Proofread Your Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal writing is a very demanding write-up as it requires the student to comprehensively analyze a problem and come up with a suitable solution. Furthermore, the student must demonstrate that they have come up with an appropriate solution to the research question through a well-organized paper.

Proofreading the proposal is part of the post-writing process that involves checking the steps brought out in the paper are grammatically correct, and the intended message is conveyed. Notably, proofreading is more than just checking you have the right syntax and that the paper is free from spelling and punctuation errors. Proofreading is also about editing your work to ensure it has the intended structure. Furthermore, you need to ensure your writing is clear and free from any grammatical errors, including those caused by your choice of words.

It can be very intimidating for a student to proofread their work. One of the reasons is the mental blockage that comes with having to proofread something you have written. Another reason may be because you have heard stories about how disastrous proofreading is. However, the stories are false. There is a right way of proofreading your dissertation proposal and that is the outlined below checklist.

Start With the Format

Your format is what will be presented in the thesis. It must be appealing and informative enough to encourage the supervisor to read the entire proposal. Keep in mind the format you decide to use must adhere to the referencing style used in the research. Thus, it should follow the formatting style and structure specified in the instructions. Additionally, it is a good idea to check with your institution to ensure you have the appropriate formatting style for your proposal.

Check for Accurate Presentation

Your paper should be presented accurately, using a readable font. Checking the recommended font size and whether the language is readable is part of proofreading your paper. You should also ensure the punctuation marks, speech marks, and margin sizes are as per the instructions. You should also ensure the intended message is communicated effectively without leading or bombarding the reader with too much text.

Come Up with a Comprehensive Outline

When writing a dissertation proposal, you will have to come up with an outline before you start writing. An outline helps you in structuring your views and giving the dissertation its flow. It also helps in organizing ideas and ensuring they connect. Furthermore, it allows you to avoid going off-topic as you can develop a sensible hypothesis and focus on the research question.

The outline should be written in the third person and based on the research question. Furthermore, it should capture all the major variables and essential results of the research. It should also include any limitations the research has and any suggestions for further research. After writing the outline, take your time and check if it has answered the research question satisfactorily. Then revise the outline to eliminate any information that does not support the research question and ensure there are no omissions.

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